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I have always been amazed what some people find fun. But then again some have been amazed what kooky things I do to have fun. This space is dedicated to the fun things we do, see or just plain find intriguing. Hope you like some of the things you see. And do not forget to have fun too!!

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Marshall Robert - President

In August of 2010 Marshall Robert went on a one-week kayaking trip to the Saguenay Fjord in Quebec, Canada, a first in his kayaking adventures. Marshall is an avid kayaker and loves to be out on the water, while living in Salem, MA he would frequent the Salem Sound year round and now living in Hamilton, NJ he can be seen on the Trenton Marshes and the Delaware River. An outfit called H2O Outfitters was able to make this trip idea a reality; the H2O group specializes in sea kayaking excursions and with 3 of their staff, Marshall and 3 other intrepid travelers they set out on a journey of leisure, fun and exploration in this prehistoric scar on earth surface.

Saguenay Fjord Collage

Taking the company kayak, that�s right, the company kayak, on its maiden voyage in such an impressive landscape was a great treat for Marshall. Not only did he get to test out the new vehicle he got to experience the serenity and beauty of the Saguenay Fjord which can be deeper than 800 feet with sheer cliff walls that can be up to 1500 feet rising straight out of the water. It is one of the longest and deepest fjords in the world; this deep and cold waterway attracts many visitors including marine mammals which are a big tourist draw to the area. The Fjord brings many different types of marine mammals to the area for breeding and foraging habitat, the Beluga Whale resides in the river year round. The majestic Blue Whale frequent this fjord because of the krill rich feeding grounds where the fresh water from the river meets the saltwater of the Atlantic at the St. Lawrence Gulf. While there Marshall was able to see a few seals and even managed to snap a picture of one sunning itself on the rocks.

The sheer magnitude of this area is enough to impress upon someone that nature is a great architect and demonstrates how a healthy ecosystem works. It is this love for the outdoors and genuine interest in nature where Marshall draws his great ambition to improve the environment through construction projects with Persuasive Solutions and emphasis on progress in the ecosystems where he works. Rowbear Consulting is committed to making the importance of ecological stewardship go hand in hand with construction; it can reduce costs, speed construction and improve the environment, with this mantra Rowbear is a breath of fresh air in the design and permitting world. Unadulterated and steadfast in its decisions Rowbear under the guidance of Marshall is bringing the engineering and planning into a greener future.

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