Project: NJDOT Data Warehouse
Owner: NJDOT
Client: Michael Baker Jr., INC.

In conjunction with Michael Baker Jr. Inc, Rowbear Consulting helped New Jersey Department of Transportation dramatically increased the accuracy and detail of the state roadway inventory. The data was not collected using conventional total stations, prism rods and field notes rather the data was collected with the GPSVisionTM system from Lambda Tech International. This system collects six simultaneous, high-resolution, digital stereo photographs driving at highway speeds. An automated system linked to the axle accurately triggered the cameras every 10 meters. The vehicle was fitted with a high tech GPS receiver to assign submeter accuracy coordinates within the pictures. The data was streamed real time to six or more onboard computers.

GSA 2 Each day, the two-person team, driver and technician, would map out a route to maximize miles collected. Daily route planning included time of day, season of year to avoid getting caught in traffic jams caused by construction delays or peak hour traffic. Careful planning allowed teams to average around 150 miles of recorded images a day. During the project Rowbear drove around 13,000 miles of Interstates, State Highways and County Routes. Back in the office, technician teams would employ Lambda Tech’s Feature Extraction Software to locate nearly every roadside feature imaginable including signs, signals, lights, intersection and streams from the pictures. The high accuracy data enabled us to extract extremely accurate coordinates for every visible feature. Each feature was assigned a northing, easting and elevation. Office employees would figuratively "drive" down the road getting the data.

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