Project: Bass River Bridge Replacement
Owner: New Jersey Turnpike Authority
Client: Hardesty and Hanover, LLP
Bass River Bridge Replacement 1

The New Jersey Turnpike Authority prepared a major Coastal Permit to widen nearly 50 miles of the Garden State Parkway between Milepost 30 and Milepost 80. This permit included the replacement of the Bass River Bridge at MP 51.9. This bridge not only crosses the Bass River Bridge it goes over US. Route 9, and West Greenbush Road in New Gretna, New Jersey. The existing parkway has no median in this area so the new bridge has to be constructed off line and then traffic moved to the new bridge and the existing bridge rehabilitated. During the time since the permit was issued, the NJDOT replaced the state highway bridge over Bass River just downstream from the Parkway. The new Route 9 alignment required the NJTA to redesign the bridge and the change threatened to delay the project if the NJTA could not expedite the permit modifications. The more constrained work zone to the east of the existing bridge hampered the redesign.

Bass River Bridge Replacement 2 Rowbear Consulting helped frame the strategy to expedite the permits by performing early constructability reviews to help define and pre-permit contractor access points. This process also identified potential utility conflicts further improving the design. Pre-permitted contractor access will expedite construction and avoid future permitting delays. Just as important, the changes had to be eco-friendly as possible to allow the NJDEP to process the changes as a minor letter modification. A major modification would lead to another public comment period that would have delayed construction. The NJDEP recently agreed to process the changes with a minor modification and the project is still on schedule.

Rowbear is preparing the supplemental permit plans and the Environmental Plans that include temporary soil erosion and sediment control features, landscaping and wetland restoration.

Bass River Bridge Replacement 3 Bass River Bridge Replacement 4

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